A consultation is a personal conversation with a treatment. This is possible here on location in my beautiful consultation room, but also online via Zoom or Teams. What the consultation is about depends entirely on what you need. You can come up with a specific request for help, but there will always be what is most needed now.

A consultation can be very broad and encompass a lot of topics and themes, such as:

  • Low energy (burnout, overstrain)
  • Fears or phobias (for example, for animals, objects, or certain situations)
  • Grief (e.g. loss of a loved one)
  • Loss of concentration (for example due to a lot of thoughts or in the head)
  • Physical complaints (for example, permanent pain in the head, joints or abdomen)
  • High sensitivity in children, teenagers or adults
  • Getting too many stimuli (taking over the emotions of others)
  • Not being able to set boundaries (for example, often helping others, but selling yourself short)
  • Seeing, feeling or otherwise noticing the presence of entities in your environment
  • Feeling heavy energy around you or in the house (aura and/or house cleaning)

Through a mediumistic or healing consultation I can remove blockages and beliefs that are often the cause of complaints. By going back to the moment where the blockage arose or the complaints started. This can be, for example, a traumatic experience, in a past life, as a child/teenager or as an adult. We will investigate this together in a consultation. A specific problem can often be solved in 1 consultation.

Transformation day

In some situations it is nice and good to work 1 on 1 for a whole day. Because there are multiple or heavier pieces to discuss and heal. The day starts with a welcome meeting. To become calm and grounded, an extensive meditation is done. Then it is discussed which problems and/or themes are involved. Several consultations are given that day with breaks, meditations or walks in between. Depending on what is needed on that day and feels good. This day lasts from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Below is an overview of the rates for the services I offer.

Consultation (75 minutes) € 70 In consultation room or Zoom/Teams

Transformation day (1 on 1) € 300 In consultation room