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A consultation is a personal conversation with a treatment. This is possible here on location in my beautiful consultation room, but also online via Zoom or Teams. What the consultation is about depends entirely on what you need. You can come up with a specific request for help, but there will always be what is most needed now.

Circles of light

Once every two weeks, I organise a circle of light in my practice space. In a light circle you can work on your own sensitivity and mediumship together with other people. This happens in an accessible and pleasant manner, for example through meditation, small exercises and discussing your experiences.

Transformation day

In some situations it is nice and good to work 1 on 1 for a whole day. Because there are multiple or heavier pieces to discuss and heal. 

Spiritual developmental trajectory

Preferring 5 or 10 sessions?


Below is an overview of the rates for the services I offer:

  • Consultation (60 minutes), in consultation room or via Zoom/Teams € 70
  • Circle of light (2 hours) € 20
  • Transformation day (one on one), in consultation room € 250