Medium Max

About Me


In order to improve my skills, I have followed various education, training and workshops with experienced and renowned teachers in recent years:

  • 2018: Shambhala MDH 4th degree master (Practice the Blue Rain)
  • 2019: Trance mediumship (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Jaco Elken)
  • 2019: Trance and physical mediumship (Nicole de Haas)
  • 2020: Mediumship and Trance Healing Therapist (R) (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Jaco Elken)
  • 2020: Reconnection 333 (Healing center Beyond Medicine at Philip and Jaqueline Fiolet)
  • 2021: Trainee/assistant teacher M&TH 1/2/3 (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Karlista Fontijn)
  • 2021: Teacher training “be yourself radiant” (Spiritual and intuitive academy at Karlista Fontijn)  


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