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I’m Max and I’m a medium. What does that mean exactly?
A medium is a person who can perceive things that cannot be perceived with the 5 normal senses, such as energies, souls and Chakras.
As a medium I am trained to perceive these things and to be able to do something with them. For example, I can perceive very strong energies. Almost everything you are, think, feel and want is stored in your own energy. Everything that makes you yourself.
Sometimes we run into things in life. Some complaints are mental, others are emotional or physical. This is all stored in your own energy as a book about yourself.
If you are not feeling well, it can be very nice to go to a medium to see what is going on and what you can do to feel better again. I can help you with that!

If you are not feeling well, it can be very nice to go to a medium to see what is going on and what you can do to feel better again. I can help you with that!
I have had a very long period of time when I did not feel well. I was sick, depressed and tired. It was a very deep hole I was in. A hole with no way out. At least, that’s how it felt to me. I had almost given up hope of going on living, but then something spectacular happened. I started seeing a ghost next to my bed every night. At first it was very vague. Every day it became a little more visible. I also started hearing things in my head. It was like calling someone with a really bad connection. I only heard little bits.
At the time I thought I was going crazy. Finally I could hear and see it clearly! It was an angel, her name was Lena. I remember very well what she said to me that night: “Hello Max, my name is Lena and I am here to make you well again”. I thought, okay, I’m going to sleep. To my surprise, I felt a little better the next morning, both mentally and physically. And every day a little better. Until after about a month I felt normal again, not depressed, no longer sick, and had a sense of life again.
Nothing in my life had changed besides this experience, but she still did what she said. I was of course very curious what this was and how it happened. So I started looking online. I’ve gone to people who call themselves a medium. In the years that followed, I followed several courses, courses and workshops. My life has changed a lot in a few years and I feel much happier, healthier and happier. For this I had to work a lot on myself and clear all the emotional ballast that I was carrying with me. I’ve learned how to do this for other people too.
I have personally helped many people to overcome phobias, traumas, depression and even physical complaints. Would you like this too? Book a consultation with me and we will get to work together to make you shine again!

In order to improve my skills, I have followed various education, training and workshops with experienced and renowned teachers in recent years:

  • 2018: Shambhala MDH 4th degree master (Practice the Blue Rain)
  • 2019: Trance mediumship (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Jaco Elken)
  • 2019: Trance and physical mediumship (Nicole de Haas)
  • 2020: Mediumship and Trance Healing Therapist (R) (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Jaco Elken)
  • 2020: Reconnection 333 (Healing center Beyond Medicine at Philip and Jaqueline Fiolet)
  • 2021: Trainee/assistant teacher M&TH 1/2/3 (Spiritual and intuitive academy with Karlista Fontijn)
  • 2021: Teacher training “be yourself radiant” (Spiritual and intuitive academy at Karlista Fontijn)